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Our Services

We'll understand your business needs and explore how our AI solutions can make a real difference. Rest assured, we'll never push a product or service that doesn't offer substantial benefits to you.

Discuss the details on a call and get a copy of our written guide to the above services!


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Our Free Services

Before you spend any money, we offer you services without any cost. We provide a complimentary consultation and an initial audit. Enjoy our insightful white papers and other AI resources — we might even set up a free chatbot for your website.

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How We Create Automations For You

When you're ready to take the leap, here's how we make things smooth and straightforward.

Working together, we'll collaboratively determine which processes can benefit from 'robotic process automation' (RPA) and implement tools best fit for your purposes.

1: Explore

and Scope

We explore the existing issues, tasks, campaigns,  systems and tools.

We agree with you what automation

provides the highest ROI.

2: Plan, build

and test

We provide a simple roadmap

and prototype(s).

3: Connect and Integrate

We integrate the automations

with web applications and your systems, train your people and provide post-launch support.

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How We Build AI Assistants For You

We'll work closely with you to determine the purpose and characteristics of the ideal chatbot or digital assistant and tailor it to meet your business needs and goals.

1: Scope

We understand the roles the assistant will have to fulfil.

We collect data from you and public sources.

2: Build

and test

We build a knowledge base for the assistant and provide prototype(s).

3: Implement

We integrate the automations connect and deploy the assistant(s) and publish them on your website.

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How We Work As Your 'AI Department'

We're in the game to boost your leads, help you get more clients on board, and reduce your engagement and processing costs. Our commitment is to add real value by advancing your tech, broadening your reach, and enhancing customer interactions.


AI is changing the game in all service industries, fast. With us as your AI partner, you can serve more customers and do it quicker and more affordably. Think of us as your go-to 'AI Department' – always up-to-date and ready to support you every step of the way.

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Management of 
AI Accounts

Setting up accounts with web and AI services? We've got you covered, free of charge. It's your call: manage your ChatGPT, Zapier, Make, Google, etc. accounts on your own or let Thraive handle them for a small fee. We're here to make it easy for you.

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Tech Support

Stay ahead with our tech support. Whenever BigTech rolls out new updates, we upgrade our AI tools so you're always benefiting from the latest advancements. This service is included in our monthly fee when you opt for Tech Support. The cost depends on the technology we've set up for you, and we'll always be upfront about it in our initial quote, so you know exactly what to expect before we start working together.

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Social Media

Running Campaigns
and Social Accounts

Beyond automating your online and email marketing campaigns, we can also run them for you. Our premium service combines a monthly retainer with a campaign fee, based on the number of channels we manage for each campaign. We handle the details, so you can focus on the bigger picture.


Frequently Asked Questions


How can AI-powered services benefit my business?

AI-tools and services can optimise various business processes, improve decision-making, enhance customer experiences, and drive revenue growth.


AI Automation brings increased sales by effective lead generation and lead qualification. You will capture and onboard potential customers faster, before your competition would capture them. You will serve more customers, get a larger slice of the pie and grow the business faster.


AI Automation drives productivity by automatically capturing and onboarding warm and hot leads, automatically updating information in your system and automating the electronic communication.


And AI Automation saves costs by either saving on headcount that dealt with mundane activities or allowing you to redeploy your people to tasks that require human attention, creativity and actions (e.g., face-to-face interactions, like doing viewings of properties with customers).


Is AI and your service affordable for small to medium-sized businesses?

Yes, Thraive AI Services specializes in providing AI powered automations, intelligent AI assitants and services tailored for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


AI is relatively new to most of the public. However, this technology and its use in automating everyday tasks and processes have been in use for years by technology companies and large corporations. Thanks to progress in the AI space the cost of these applications dropped significantly and that allows the use of them by SME’s.


What kind of measurable results can I expect?

Thraive is steadfast in ensuring measurable results and a clear ROI. Depending on your goals, you can anticipate boosts in sales, enhanced customer satisfaction, heightened productivity, and significant cost savings. To make the benefits of AI Automation both transparent and tangible, we will track for your various KPIs tailored to your needs. These could include lead conversion rates, customer response times, operational efficiency metrics, cost-per-action, and net promoter scores, among others. Our aim is to provide clarity on the direct impact and advantages of our AI-driven solutions.


How can we get started with Thraive AI Services?

Simply reach out to our Team by clicking here or under 'Contact' in the menu. We'll initiate a complimentary AI audit and guide you through the initial steps:


We do our initial AI audit free of charge for the right clients. The audit will involve you sharing with us

-       What applications and systems you are using, and for what purpose

-       What regular process/business documents are in use

-       And interviews with one of your colleagues from each area/department.


As the outcome of the audit we will provide an initial proposal that will outline

-        What we could automate for you

-        What your company should automate first

-        How that will change the way your people and processes will operate

-        What benefits the recommended automation will bring

-        Initial estimate for costs, fees involved.


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Can Thraive help with digital marketing?

Yes we can. In order to provide the latest tools and services, we partner with experienced digital marketing companies of all size. Prior to collaboration, we'd like to assess your digital marketing needs and match it with the right marketing partner. We take the selection of third-party vendors seriously. We meticulously evaluate their reputation, reliability, customer support, and track record. Stringent data security standards and compliance with regulations are musts. Rest assured, at Thraive, we will only work with vendors and implement solutions that promise substantial benefits to your business.

What makes Thraive AI Services stand out from competitors?


Thraive AI Services (Thraive Group Limited) is distinguished by the deep-rooted business acumen of its partners, who have decades of experience serving as directors and adept problem solvers. What sets us apart from other AI Automation agencies is our 60+ years combined leadership experience and unwavering commitment to genuinely understand our clients' challenges. We actively listen and hone in on addressing specific 'pain points', ensuring impactful improvements and concrete results.

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